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The Journal of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering is an international journal published under the auspices of the Nigerian Metallurgical Society(NMS) with the primary objective of documenting previously unpublished research findings in the broad field of Metallurgy and Materials Science and Engineering. Subject areas covered by the journal include Metallurgy, Ceramic Engineering, Polymer Science and Technology, Semiconductor materials, and Corrosion Science and Engineering.

The journal Metallurgy and Materials Engineering disseminates important findings and essential data in every facet of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering research. We encourage any experimental or theoretical engineering study that advances our knowledge of engineering procedures and methods. 

Wider scientific and professional circles may access information thanks to published current research given on this platform. We extend an invitation to all upcoming writers to submit their unique studies on novel concepts in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering theory and practice. We eagerly await reader feedback as well as any suggestions from distinguished scientists. These priceless gifts will guarantee that our journal continues to improve each year.

     Types of Papers published:
Papers for submission to JMME must be clearly written and may take any of the following forms:
a) Original research papers: These will constitute the main thrust of the journal. These papers must present important advances beyond present knowledge.
b) Review articles: These papers must present a critical assessment of a specified area of literature, emphasizing strengths and weaknesses of existing data and interpretations.
c) Technical Notes: These should be abbreviated forms of (a) and (b), and are in general intended to announce a significant new finding or to beef up information already given out in a previous paper.
d) Technical-Reviews: The purpose of these is to present the state-of-the-art in the field, or to review important industrial problems. However, articles under this category must be very well written in a scholarly manner and must emphasize important technical innovations. Properly documented new designs may also be considered under this category.
e) Discussions/Communications: Issues pertaining to the contents of an earlier paper by another author may be raised under this category. The reaction of the author to such issues (comments or questions) may also be presented.
f) Special Papers: Papers of a special nature, such as policy papers highlighting important advances in the field and furnishing relevant data, will occasionally be considered for publication.

Regular Publications
The journal is released in print and online format every quarter. The download and access to the online version are free.